Adele's philosophy

Meet Adele Angeleri

I began my career in the fashion industry... In 2003 after working for many years in my own salon as a hairdresser, I decided to branch out and began brainstorming ideas for a handbag collection. My first range was created to present at my children’s school market, but I received such a positive response to my pieces that I decided to pursue my handbag range as a business. It just goes to show, it’s never too late to change your direction!

What I like the most about my work is... From the beginning, whenever I see one of my designs being worn or someone tells me that they love their handbag or their jacket, I feel a huge amount of joy. It feels good to know that I have made someone feel confident about themselves and what they are wearing.

I find my inspiration from... all kinds of people and places. Especially when I am travelling, I love to sit and watch people pass by and see what elements of their style jump out at me. I keep a running list of notes for myself to return to when it is time to design the next range. Currently, I am loving watching Emily in Paris - although the fashion trends can be a little bit over the top for everyday wear, there is a lot of great inspiration to find there!