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march 3, 2023

Metallic Fashion 2023: Shimmer and Shine in Style

Fashion constantly evolves, and one of the most exciting ways designers experiment with new looks is through metallic leather. The metallic leather is not only a bold statement, but it also adds a level of sophistication and glamour to any outfit. Whether you prefer subtle shine or full-on metallics, incorporating this trend into your wardrobe is an excellent way to elevate your style game.

Here are some ways you can incorporate metallic leather into your fashion wardrobe:


A metallic leather skirt is an unexpected twist on a classic piece. It can be dressed up with heels and a blouse for a night out or paired with a sweater and boots for a more casual look. Whether you opt for a mini or midi length, a metallic leather skirt is sure to turn heads.


Metallic leather pants are a bold choice, but they can be incredibly chic when styled correctly. Keep the rest of the outfit simple and let the pants take centre stage. A classic white shirt or a black turtleneck would pair perfectly with metallic leather pants.


A metallic leather dress is a way to go for a statement look. Choose a simple silhouette and let the leather and metallic shine do the talking. A pair of strappy heels and minimal accessories would complete the look.


A metallic leather jacket is a must-have in any fashionista's closet. A silver or gold metallic leather jacket can be a statement piece on its own or layered over a simple dress or jeans and a tee for a pop of shine.


If you need more time to be ready to commit to an entire metallic leather outfit, incorporating metallic leather accessories is an excellent way to test the waters. A metallic leather clutch or purse can add a touch of shine to any outfit. 

Tote Bags and Shoppers

Tote bags and shoppers are also ideal metallic accessories, being an easy solution to spice up your everyday outfits.

Our metallic Pia Shopper will take you from running daily errands to brunch with the girls, available in a range of shades so you can pick your perfect metallic match.

In conclusion, metallic leather is an exciting trend that can add a unique touch to any wardrobe. Whether you go all-out with a metallic leather jacket or add a touch of shine with a metallic leather purse, incorporating this trend into your fashion game will surely make you stand out from the crowd. So, go ahead and shimmer and shine in style!

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