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2021 is all about the leather dress. Here are 4 ways to style our Paige dress:

Style 1:

Pair the dress with a black belt and black knee high boots for a simple monochrome look. This will really let the dress be the star of the show and is the perfect outfit to wear straight from the office to a nice dinner.

Cadelle Leather Black Dress and Black Leather Belt

The Paige dress pictured with the Lola belt in black

Style 2:

Style your leather dress with a white blouse underneath and white sneakers. This is an effective way of softening the dress and giving it an added touch of femininity. Wear this look to your next brunch the girls.

Cadelle Leather Black Dress Style Inspo

Style 3:

Add a pop of colour to your outfit with a bright bag and matching heels. By bringing colour into your outfit you will lighten the look and give it a summer feel. This is the perfect outfit for every occasion and can be worn anywhere.

Cadelle Leather Black Dress and Crossbody Leather Bag Fuschia

The Paige dress pictured with the Daisy bag

Style 4:

By adding an oversized jumper on top of your leather dress, you turn your dress into a skirt. This is the best way to maximise your wears of your leather dress. Wear this to your next work meeting with a pair of black heels for the optimal corporate look.

Cadelle Leather Black Skirt Style Inspo
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